Express Dictate for Mac

Express Dictate for Mac 5.91

Record and send dictations directly from your computer


  • Very easy to use
  • Integrated sender


  • Only records in three formats
  • Pricey to upgrade

Very good

If you're looking for Mac dictation software then you may be disappointed with the limited number of options available.

Express Dictate is a simple but very effective dictation tool for Macs that allows you to record and send voice notes in seconds. Express Dictate works exactly like a dictaphone. You can add brief labels and notes to dictations so that you know what they're about and you can even import recordings made on a portable dictaphone by virtue of the Express Dictate 'Dock' feature.

Express Dictate records in WAV, MP3, or DCT formats and you can perform basic editing of your recordings without damaging the original, which is always archived. Another interesting feature is that, if you purchase the complete app, you also get a foot pedal which will assist secretaries in taking down dictations. Perhaps most usefully, there's a an inbuilt sender that allows you to instantly send recordings by email or FTP. This is ideal for those who want to send something more personal than just an email to friends and family.

Overall, Express Dictate is an excellent tool. The price tag may put some people off but if you're serious about dictation, you can't go far wrong with it.

Express Dictate for Mac supports the following formats

WAV, MP3, or DCT formats

Professional dictation recorder for Mac OS X

Express Dictate is a professional dictation voice recorder for Mac OS X. Features include voice activated recordings, record insert, overwrite and append, encryption and Express Dictate will automatically send recordings via FTP, Email, LAN and command line to a recipient or folder. The software can also be controlled by a hand held dictation device or a foot pedal (for hands free dictation).

Digital audio recording with superb signal processing quality (32 bit DSPs are used). Record audio and send in wav, mp3 or dct formats Automatic non destructive record editing with multiple record modes including record-insert, record-overwrite and record-at-end. Voice activated recording so long silences in dictation are not recorded. Assign priority to individual dictations. Ability to prompt for patient or file data before recording starts

Send recordings directly to a typist immediately by Email, LAN, FTP or command line. Supports recording encryption (HIPAA compliant). Ability to 'dock' normal analog and digital handheld dictation recorders Ability to recover sent dictations.

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Express Dictate for Mac


Express Dictate for Mac 5.91

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    Compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.11.1 - beware if you have upgraded..
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